How To Install Truecaller On Your Mobile Phone

How To Install Truecaller On Your Mobile Phone

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Truecaller Mod APK India 

The truecaller android app gives you the power to make telephone calls, send text messages, and share your location from one convenient place—your Android phone. The latest version also has some new features that are easy to use, so let’s take a look at how to use truecaller android app to its full potential. And then you can share your thoughts in the comments section at the end of this blog post!

What is Truecaller?

Truecaller is an application available for Android, iPhone and BlackBerry. The application is available on Google Play Store and it can be installed on your device very easily. It’s a free application but at times it may seem boring as you can’t do anything with it unless you are connected to internet. If you have used applications like Twitter, Facebook or Viber, then you will understand how Truecaller works as they are quite similar in many ways. The user interface of Truecaller is also quite similar, so once you have downloaded and installed it on your device, you won’t have any problem figuring out how to use it.

Features Of Truecaller

Truecaller Mod APK India – This is probably one of my favourite features of Truecaller. When you search someone’s name in your contact list, Truecaller will show you more information than just their phone number and name. You’ll see their job title, social profile links and other useful information as well. When people save a contact on Truecaller, they have complete control over what info shows up (or doesn’t). It’s much more than just a phone book or an address book. * SMS & Call Alerts for iPhone users – I’m not entirely sure about Android users since I haven’t used it on my Android device yet. When somebody calls me from an unknown number, Truecaller identifies them immediately

Download Truecaller For Your Phone

If you want truecaller on your phone, then you can follow these simple steps below: – Step 1: First of all open Play Store application on your Android device. – Step 2: After that, search for truecaller in search bar. – Step 3: Now click on install button and it will start downloading on your phone. You can also install other version from here.

How To Install Truecaller On Your Mobile Phone

Truecaller Mod APK India is a popular caller ID application available for Android and iOS. Here’s how you can install it on your mobile phone. First, download Truecaller from Google Playstore or Apple App store. You need a smartphone that runs either of these operating systems (Android or iOS) to be able to install Truecaller. Once you’re logged into your account, enter your mobile number in under ‘My Profile’ (Settings > My Profile) for it to appear on your mobile phone instantly. You’ll receive an SMS message with a link directing you to an installation page in Google Playstore or Apple App store from where you’ll be able to download Truecaller on your smartphone.
Sign Up For Truecaller

Signing up for Truecaller Mod APK India is a great way to avoid being spoofed by spam callers who can mask their identity with fake caller ID info. All you need is your phone number and a valid email address, and you can verify your account right on their website. Just be aware that if you don’t give them accurate info, it could take longer for your account to get verified, which may mean more scam calls during that time period. Once you’ve done that, download their Android or iOS app and follow along below

Change Call Settings on Truecaller

Call settings in Truecaller allow you to set up your preferences for what happens when a call comes through. By changing these settings, you’ll have more control over your calls on both Android and iOS. Here’s how: Open up Truecaller in your web browser (not from your phone). Then, go to settings located at the top of page and then click on Call Settings. Under that heading, you can decide whether or not you want it to ring on calls where they don’t have any information.

View Local Search on TrueCaller

This is one of Truecaller Mod APK India best features. You can now see who’s searching for you in your area. So say, if you’re out and about, TrueCaller lets you know when someone is looking for you locally. This feature will be rolling out globally in 2014, so don’t worry if it isn’t live in your country just yet!

What’s Hot on TrueCaller?

With a user base of over 100 million people worldwide, TrueCaller is one of today’s most popular communication apps. Much like your cell phone’s contacts list, TrueCaller enables you to store contact information for people who are near you and make communicating with them easier than ever before. The revolutionary report & block feature makes it easy for users to inform others about potential scam calls or spammers. It’s truly one of a kind when it comes to how it works, how many features it has and how intuitive and user-friendly it is for everyone regardless of age or technological skill level.

Get in Touch with Customer Care on TrueCaller

TrueCaller is one of those unique apps that can be used for so many things. It helps you stay connected with your family and friends, track and block calls, know about places before you visit them and even create your own custom caller ID. Its call identification feature is super efficient as it can identify and search more than 1.6 billion phone numbers across 20+ countries worldwide. If you are using TrueCaller’s Android App , here’s how you can get in touch with customer care number in less than a minute

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