Jigsaw Puzzle Puzzle of the Day gives you a simple puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzle Puzzle of the Day gives you a simple puzzle

વોટ્સએપ ગ્રુપમાં જોડાવા ➙ ક્લિક કરો


four taps to fill a water tank. The first tap fills this tank in 3 hours. The tank is filled in 12 hours from the second tap, in 1 day from the third tap and in 4 days from the fourth tap. So now you say that if we keep all four taps open together, how long will this tank fill up?
The two locomotives of the railway travel from a distance of 200 km to each other at a speed of 50 km. At the same time, a fly is constantly manipulating from one engine to another at a speed of 5 km. So by the time the two engines come together, how much distance would the fly have covered? Daily puzzle. Get a day change puzzle and check it out
Ys mystery puzzles. Challenge yourself to reveal what is hidden during a picture
Daily update gallery. You will never be able to play puzzles in our jigsaw puzzles
Ful helpful hints. Use the hint to match the subsequent part with the puzzle if you get stuck
99 to 400 puzzle pieces. The more pieces, the harder your puzzle game becomes
Ot rotation mode. Activate the rotation, make the game more difficult!
Custom backgrounds. Choose your favorite look to unlock puzzle games with more fun.

Jigsaw Puzzle Puzzle of the Day gives you a simple puzzle experience out of your pocket. Discover the gorgeous world of jigsaw puzzles, relax your mind and clear your mind of the stress of the day. Solve many beautiful HD jigsaw puzzles on the go for . Jigsaw puzzles are one of the most popular puzzle games in the world. Jigsaw puzzles help you improve your memory and detection skills.

With the puzzle of the day you will experience the most beautiful places of the planet, nature, amazing food, interesting people, art, dogs, cats and many more beautiful animal puzzles in high-definition. Each puzzle game is unique!

Jigsaw Puzzle Puzzle of the Day offers fur:High Beautiful High Definition Jigs p Puzzles
Playing Extraordinary playing experience
Play Easy to play and straight to master
Daily new puzzles are added every day
Each puzzle is unique
Lots of fun for teenagers and adults
Compete with your friends, relatives and more. On leaderboards.
Social Share your favorite puzzles and scores on social media.
. Play Fly Play, no internet connection required

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Everything inside the game is !24 All 2400 photos for !
Album Create custom jigsaw puzzles from your album photos? Also .
P Pick a number of pieces and rotation in our puzzle game - too.
There is no charge for unlocking photos or the premium version.

Dev Anand's big wall clock stopped running due to power outage, so Dev Anand started the clock with a new power. But now he is confused as to how to put the correct time in it, as he does not have any other device like mobile clock, radio, computer, etc. to show the correct time. The exact time can be ascertained by going home to his friend Rajakpur, who lives half a km away, but it is not possible to take him along as the wall clock is big. So now you God

Manmohan Singh leaves Delhi for Ahmedabad in his car. Manmohan Singh, who has a habit of driving slowly, cuts half the distance at a speed of 50 km per hour. Then the realization comes that it is necessary to arrive early. So if you want to bring the average speed of the total distance to 50 km per hour, how fast do you have to drive for the rest of the distance?


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