Box cloud storage free Review

Box cloud storage free Review

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Box cloud storage free Review

Get 10 GB of Free Cloud Storage With box cloud storage free

box cloud storage free (formerly box cloud storage is a cloud storage service that gives out 10 GB of free storage for every user.

box cloud storage free makes it easy to edit and upload Microsoft Office documents to your online account.What We Like
10 GB of free online storage space
Instantly search through all your files
Upload multiple pictures and video files from a mobile device
Download an entire shared folder as a ZIP file

What We Don’t Like

Uploads can not exceed 250 MB in size
Can’t password protect shared files
Some features work only if you upgrade to a paid version


તમે આ ચિત્રને માઈન્ડ ગુગલિં પણ કહેવામાં આવે છે. ઓપ્ટિકલ ઈલ્યુઝનને કારણે 13માં નંબરે 2 છોકરીઓ દેખાઈ રહી છે. વાસ્તવમાં પહેલી અને બીજી છોકરી અરીસા સામે બેઠી છે. તેણીની છબી અરીસામાં બનાવવામાં આવી રહી છે અને તેના પ્રતિબિંબને કારણે, તે આટલી સંખ્યામાં દેખાય છે. ફોટોગ્રાફર તિજીઆનાએ પોતાની કોમેન્ટમાં જણાવ્યું છે કે રિયલમાં માત્ર 2 છોકરીઓ છે. click here

Here are some other notable features:

Notes can be added alongside files
Share files and folders even if the recipient doesn’t have a box cloud storage free account
Enable offline access to your files from a mobile device
Can set up two-factor authentication
Option to share files and folders from the desktop software and mobile application
Google Docs and spreadsheets can be created right from box cloud storage free

કીર્તિદાન ગઢવી નો લાઈવ લોક ડાયરો CLICK HERE

File Sharing with box cloud storage free

You can share an entire folder with box cloud storage free or just individual files. Recipients can download the whole folder at once via a ZIP folder.

You can also specify whether or not files can be downloaded by others, and instead just make them viewable in their web browser.

Email alerts can be set up to notify you when someone downloads a file from your shared box cloud storage free folders


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