Nagjibhai Asodaria, Derdi Kumbhaji Ta. Gondal, Dist. Rajkot

Nagjibhai Asodaria, Derdi Kumbhaji Ta. Gondal, Dist. Rajkot

વોટ્સએપ ગ્રુપમાં જોડાવા ➙ ક્લિક કરો


 We often get colds, especially in winter, but considering the current climate, colds have become common, there are many types of colds, such as colds, heatstroke, dust mites. Colds, allergies, etc. can be considered, cold puts a person in trouble when the nose starts dripping along with the cold, water comes out from the nose, many experiments are described in our invaluable Ayurveda Granth to remove all these pains, one of which is Aksir Ayurvedic. The cure is given here, according to Ayurveda, by doing this experiment, the cold is removed in just 3 days and the root is destroyed.

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My introduction

Nagjibhai Asodaria, Derdi Kumbhaji (Ta. Gondal, Dist. Rajkot) is currently retired after fulfilling his duties as a teacher and principal in a government school in the village. They are now sharing their knowledge of Ayurvedic experiences on the internet, as well as teaching English language and grammar well for the purpose of helping people. To learn English language from Gujarati language, it is necessary to have basic knowledge about English grammar. If English grammar is taught in a similar way, it is easy to communicate from Gujarati to English, as well as adequate practice is very helpful.

Nagjibhai Asodaria is a retired person now a days, he was a teacher and principal at Derdi Kumbhaji village (Ta. Gondal, Dist. Rajkot) Gujarat, he has interest towards Ayurveda so he has good knowledge of Ayurveda Upchar, he likes to share his Ayurvedic Upchar with people so that many patients can be recover using natural organic Ayurvedic Chikitsa, now a days he is sharing his Ayurvedic knowledge on the internet to reach as much as people, on the other hand he has good knowledge about English Grammar, according to his thoughts an English is very easy to learn if you learn English Grammar with interest, also English Grammar helps to speak in English, Listen English and be a talkative in English.

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