Reliance has teamed up with Google to launch Geophone Next, which will go on sale from September 10

Reliance has teamed up with Google to launch Geophone Next, which will go on sale from September 10

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Reliance has teamed up with Google to launch Geophone Next, which will go on sale from September 10; Claiming to be the cheapest smartphone in the world.

At the 44th Annual General Meeting of Reliance Industries, Mukesh Ambani has announced the new Geophone Next, a new smartphone made in partnership with Reliance Jio and Google. The new smartphone will have a lens with features and apps from Geo and Google. The Android-based operating system of this smartphone has been developed by Geo and Google. Mukesh Ambani announced that the new smartphone has been designed keeping in mind the budget of the common man. The price will be very reasonable and it will go on sale on September 10, Ganesh Chaturthi. “Our goal is to make the country 2G free and 5G free,” Ambani said.

about the price of this phone.

Experts believe that the price will be kept very low. Geo-Google’s Android-based smartphone Geophone will be the next game-changer. It could change the lives of 300 million people who still have 2G mobile sets in their hands. Geo-Google’s new smartphone with good speed, good operating system, and reasonable price can attract Reliance Jio from millions of new customers.

New possibilities will be created for the users
Just last year, Reliance Jio announced a partnership with Google. Google CEO Sundar Pichai said about the new smartphone that our next step starts with the rational spirit Geo smartphone created by Google and Geo. It is made for India and this phone will open new possibilities for millions of people who will be using the internet for the first time. A new 5G partnership between Google Cloud and Gionee will help more than a billion Indians connect to the Internet faster. It will also help in the digitization of India.

Work continues to develop a 5G ecosystem
Chairman Mukesh Ambani said that we are working with global partners to develop the 5G ecosystem and develop a series of 5G devices. Geo is not only working to make India 2G free but also 5G enabled. Geo has become the world’s second-largest network in terms of data consumption. 630 crore GB of data is used every month on Reliance Jio’s network. That’s 45 percent more than last year.

Update with Reliance AGM …
Shares of the company fell nearly 2 percent before Mukesh Ambani’s speech began. The meeting was attended by all 12 directors of the company. At the beginning of the meeting, the company paid tribute to all those who lost their lives during the Covid-19 epidemic.

Mukesh Ambani’s speech

“Our business and business has grown more than expected compared to the previous Annual General Meeting,” he said. However, the thing that made us happier was Reliance’s humanitarian service. Reliance did this in Corona’s troubled times. In the time of Corona, our Reliance family performed the duty like a nation. We are confident that our efforts over the last one year have furthered the efforts of our founding Chairman Dhirubhai Ambani. Earlier, Mukesh Ambani observed a minute of silence for Reliance employees who lost their lives in Corona.

“I would be proud if our grandfather was with us,” said Mukesh Ambani. This is the Reliance they have always wanted to see, where everyone gives their full contribution to the needy. We continue to serve our community and country. The Geo Institute will start its academic session from this year on the Nava Mumbai campus.

Mukesh Ambani said that Reliance has been consistently performing well. Its total revenue is Rs 5.40 lakh crore. As the country’s largest company, Reliance’s contribution to the country’s economy has been good. Merchandise exports accounted for 6.8 per cent. Giving 75 thousand new jobs. Reliance Jio added 3.79 crore new customers throughout the year.

It serves 42.5 crore customers. It is the leader in revenue in 19 out of 22 circles in the country. Retail shareholders have earned 4 times the return from the right issue in a year. Our oil-to-chemical business continues to face challenges due to the downturn in the economy. At present, Reliance is the only company at the global level, which is operating at full capacity and making a profit every quarter.

Reliance Retail is consistently in a leadership position in the organized sector. It is 6 times bigger than its next competitor. We are a leader in everything from groceries to electronics and apparel. He further said that Reliance had completed the net debt free balance sheet before March 2021. Our target was March 2021. It was completed two years ago.
Generated consolidated revenue of Rs 5.4 lakh crore. The profit was Rs 53,739 crore, which is about 39 per cent more than last year. It has exported Rs 1.45 lakh crore to 107 countries, while employing 75,000 people.

Reliance paid customs duty of Rs 21,044 crore in the last financial year. 85306 crore GST and VAT. 3216 crore income tax. Raised capital of Rs 3,24,432 crore. Retail investors get 4 times return in 1 year from right issue.

On the Strategic Partnership with Saudi Armco, Mukesh Ambani said that the process of partnership with Saudi Armco is expected to be completed this year.


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